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Co-creation of Inclusive Practice Pedagogical Recipes

About the Project

Over the last years, the University of Warwick has seen an increase in the proportion of students declaring a disability, with a majority declaring a cognitive or learning condition.

This project aimed to help academics at the university to support neurodivergent students, improve their academic learning experience and student outcomes. The project created a library of inclusive practice exemplars collected from the staff community and supported by testimonies from neurodivergent students. It is hoped that this will reduce the disparity of students' experience in the future.

Project Impact

The project helped gain an insight into the experiences of Neurodiverse students (survey and interviews), learning what they would like to see from the university to improve their student experience. We will now gather best practice examples from staff (October 2021) and combine this information together to create best practice pedagogical recipes for supporting neurodiverse students.
  • 85 full completed anonymous survey responses from Neurodiverse students rating their student experiences and leaving qualitative comments on the following areas (139 total, but 81 fully completed): Personal tutoring, their department, group work and presentations, assessments, feedback, online learning, perceptions and awareness of neurodiversity.
  • 17 students took part in focus groups to learn more about the experiences they discussed in their surveys and to hear what they would like to see from the university going forward
  • encouraged staff to complete a form giving their best practice examples of supporting neurodiverse students
  • created pedagogical recipes for supporting neurodiverse students and enhancing their learning experiences. These are hosted on a website for all of Warwick to see. 

Learning Outcomes

By creating an inclusive practice pedagogical toolkit, staff could select a number of pedagogical recipes to support planning of learning and teaching, personal tutoring and wider student experience activities for neurodivergent students.

The toolkit and associated activities further aimed to increase awareness and knowledge of neurodiversity amongst staff and students at the University of Warwick.

Project Outputs:

Neurodiversity ToolkitLink opens in a new window
Interim Project ReportLink opens in a new window


  Project Team

Project Lead: Dr Jagjeet Jutley-Neilson (Psychology)

Student Research Assistants: Eleanor Hassall (PAIS), Bethan Hewitt (Psychology)

Project Team: Dr Claire Rocks (Computer Science), Dr Isabel Fischer (WBS), Dr Carla Toro (WMG), Dr Gemma Gray (Psychology), Erika Hawkes (Careers and Skills), Jessica Humphreys (LDC), Kerry Pinny (Academic Technology), Laura Waller (Library Disability Support Officer),

Project Advisors: Dr Rebecca Freeman (Dean of Students), Despina Weber (Head of Disability Services), Sam Parr (SU Campaigns and Liberation Advisor)