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Welcome to the Neurodiversity Toolkit

Neurodiversity & Disability

  • Neurodiversity Definition
  • Neurodiverse Conditions
  • Disability
  • Models of Disability

Inclusive Teaching & Learning

  • Creating accessible teaching material
  • Moodle
  • Marking assessments with reasonable adjustments
  • Creating inclusive teaching spaces

Inclusive Personal Tutoring

  • Starting conversations
  • Supporting students through diagnosis
  • Disclosure
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Avoiding ableist language

Inclusive Department

  • Departmental Disability Contact
  • Disability student reps
  • Staff training
  • Organising and running events
  • Awareness-raising amongst students and staff
  • Postgraduate student experience

Please add your own examples to the toolkit of how you support students below

You can let other staff members know how you adopt inclusive learning and teaching approaches, create accessible materials, run student meetings, design and mark assignments, increase awareness of disability, or support disabled students

Your examples will be credited to you, click below to add your example and details.