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Online Induction Resources and Publications for Supporting Foundation and Pre-Master International Students

A project coordinated by the University of Warwick, the University of Sussex, Solent University, Ardent University Berlin and the Active Learning Network

Project Context & Aims

A major challenge facing the University and other English-language HE providers is insufficient support for helping international foundation and pre-masters students to achieve success when transitioning into an English language HEI. Furthermore, there is a lack of research on the transition into foundation and pre-master's.

The project co-authored (between students and staff at the University of Warwick, the University of Sussex, Solent University, Arden University in Berlin, and the Active Learning Network [ALN]) an online induction resource and publication to support the foundation and pre-master's international to transition to UK universities. The website and resources comprise a variety of multimedia resources, including short videos, podcasts, downloadable PDF guides, links and a discussion area for students, alumni and staff to share experiences and resources as a community. This enhanced the student experience, improved student well-being and addressed the attainment gap created by insufficient institutional scaffolding for international students. It also celebrated co-creation between students and staff, encouraging students to utilise their native language, history and culture.

Project Impact

With 28 ALN satellite group institutions, the impact of the production of these resources across the sector has the potential to be far-reaching. Student surveys and other tools for evaluation were used to review the resources and provide recommendations for further work on supporting international student transition, summarised in a co-authored, international publication on the project. Additionally, a guide for HEIs will be generated on how best to apply the resources with their specific international cohorts, and it will also form part of the SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association) Transitions Community of Practice, which shares resources, discusses ideas and generates output around HE student transitions.

The project generated induction resources made available via a website, with the generic nature of this material adding longevity to the resource and meaning that it will not require significant updates year on year. It has been shared with all departments via Warwick insite, and it is now available at the International Office.

Learning Outcomes

The students produced a selection of induction resources in English, Russian and Chinese, which were shared with students on the International Foundation Year Programme in WFS and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Education Studies department. They were also disseminated with the ALN and at partner institutions, and attracted wider interest from other higher education bodies both in the UK and abroad. The aim was that these resources would informative for both students and staff, and thus expand the intercultural outlook on HEIs in order to further enhance the sector's ability to support international students as they transition to university. The best practice models developed in the process of this collaboration have paved the way for further such collaborations to better the active learning experience for such students.

Project Team

Amy Stickels (Warwick Foundation Studies)

Project Lead

Tab Betts (University of Sussex)

Project Co-Lead


Anna Tranter (University of Warwick)

Dr Paolo Oprandi (University of Sussex)

Dr Sarah Watson (University of Sussex)

Hengyi Wang (University of Sussex)

Dr Rachel John Robinson (Arden University, Germany)

Dr Roy Hanney (Solent University)

Dr Christina Magkoufopoulou (University of Coventry)

Dr Wendy Garnham (University of Sussex)



Yiran Wang (MA Education student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Lina Castellanos (MA Education student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Amy Knight (MA Education student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Yan Lu (MA Education student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Xin Feng (MA Education student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Susannah Horowitz (MA Education Student, Department of Education, University of Sussex)

Nifemi Adeyinka Niemi (International Foundation Student, Warwick)

Zineb Nmili (International Foundation Student, Warwick)

Hongrui Ouyang (International Foundation Student, Warwick)

Nadin Kassymbekova (International Foundation Student, Warwick)

Heng-Yin Chen (Undergraduate Student, Warwick)

Elizaveta Trushevskaia (Undergraduate Student, Warwick)