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WIHEA Fellows Selection Process

How to become a WIHEA Fellow

There are a number of ways to get involved with WIHEA, either through WIHEA MembershipLink opens in a new window, attending WIHEA eventsLink opens in a new window, joining 'Open' Learning CirclesLink opens in a new window or through WIHEA FellowshipLink opens in a new window. The selection process for WIHEA Fellowship takes place annually in May/June. A call initially goes out to Faculty Chairs, Faculty Education Chairs, the Registrar (and group of Directors under the Registrar), Cross-Faculty Directors, Heads of Departments and Services, the Student Union (SU) and existing WIHEA Fellows and Alumni to nominate new Staff Fellows. The call is then more widely announced via a number of communication methods across the institution, enabling individual staff to apply. For a student to be considered for Fellowship, they must be nominated by a WIHEA FellowLink opens in a new window or AlumniLink opens in a new window.

The call for WIHEA Fellowship nominations/applications is now open.

It will close mid-day, Monday 17 June 2024 - please apply via the relevant online form, using the links below:

What is the selection criteria?

Applicants and nominees will be expected to show a record of commitment to learning and teaching, some experience of leading good practice development for instance through projects, mentoring or curriculum development by providing a statement. Please see below the specific criteria for staff and students, and the relevant application/nomination forms.

What are we looking for in a nomination/application statement?

Ideally, a statement should be between 200 to 400 words (400 maximum) and provide information and examples against the required criteria. If you are making the nomination, we strongly encourage you to ask the nominee to provide you with their own statement responding to the criteria, which must refer to the relevant staff/student criteria above.

If you feel you need support with writing your statement, there will be a WIHEA Fellowship Recruitment Session on Monday, 3 June (12.30 - 1.30pm) that will provide an insight into the Fellowship role and guidance in statement writing. Please email if you would be interested in attending/finding out more about the session.

As part of the appointment process for staff, the Head of Department or Professional Service are asked to confirm whether they support a Fellowship appointment and individuals applying will need to include this in their statement. Heads of Department are invited to recognise colleagues’ contribution to WIHEA in workload allocations. Please refer to the 'Role of a Fellow' and 'what is expected' Link opens in a new windowto help with discussions with your HoD about this.

The Academy continues to receive many more nominations/applications than there are Fellowship places available, to ensure fair and inclusive representation from a wide range of departments, where several nominations/applications are submitted from the same department a cap may need to be placed on how many from each department can be selected.

The Academy’s Advisory Group will make the final selection.

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