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List of Fellows

We are delighted to list our new and current Fellows below:

September 2021 to August 2024
Dr Ali Ahmad, WMG
Yinka Aresa, English and Comparative Studies & History*
Dr Freeha Azmat, WMG
Dr Lory Barile, Economics
Rob Batterbee, WMS
Dr Deborah Biggerstaff, WMS
Rohan Chakraborty, English and Comparative Literary Studies*
Samantha Cook, Warwick Foundation Studies
Nathalie Cooper, History*
Dr Valentina Donzella, WMG
Tejal Fatania, WMG
Dr Peter Fossey, Academic Development Centre
Catherine Hale, WMS
Tiana Holgate, Student Discipline and Resolution
Dr Modupe Olufunmilayo Jimoh, Engineering
Kelly Mayjonade, SMLC
Dr Leda Mirbahai, WMS
Natasha Nakariakova, Academic Technology
Barbara Nastoll, Law
Dr Dani Pearson, Chemistry
Dr Zeina Rihawi, WMG
Evelin Sanderson-Nichols, Philosophy*
Charlotte Simms, WMS*
Amy Stickles, Warwick Foundation Studies
Farrah Vogel-Javeri, Life Sciences*
Dr Naomi Waltham-Smith, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Dr Amanda Wilson, Law
*Student Fellowship (Sep 2021 to Aug 2022)

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February 2021 to January 2024
Dr Sam Agbroko, Engineering
Adam Agowun, SMLC*
Dr Lazaros Andronis, WMS
Dr David Bather Woods, Philosophy
Dr Lewis Beer, International Strategy & Relations
Pierre Botcherby, History*
Dr Stephen Bromfield, Chemistry
Dr Laura Chamberlain, WBS (2019 deferred to Jan 2014)
Dr Siri Chongchitnan, Mathematics
Richard Clay, WMS
Poonam Dave, Student Opportunity
Professor Caroline Elliott, Economics
Dr Isabel Fischer, WBS
Dr Ross Forman, English & Comparative Literary Studies
Dr Claudie Fox, Psychology
Dr Daniel Franklin, Life Sciences
Kumayl Gangji, Chemistry*
Raksha Gohel, Life Sciences*
Emily Harros, SMLC*
Jim Judges, Academic Technology
Dr Joanne Lee, SMLC (2019 deferred to Jan 2024)
Dr Rebecca Limb, Law
Dr Celine Martin, WMG
Dr Helen Nolan, WMS
Nancy Olson, WMG
Dr Martyn Parker, Statistics
Dot Powell, WBS
Pula Prakash, Global Sustainable Development*
Dr Jessica Savage, Global Sustainable Development
Dr Alexander Smith, Sociology
Dr Bobby Smith, School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures
Dr Rebecca Stone, GSD (2018 deferred to Aug 2023)
Julie Taylor, CTE
Professor Azrini Wahidin, Sociology
Lucy Young, Law*
*Student Fellowship (Feb 2021 to Jan 2022)

Read more about each of the Fellows in this cohort

September 2019 to August 2022
Emma Barker, IATL
Dr Maria Barrett, CCMPS
Dr Bryan Brazeau, Liberal Arts
Dr Adam Chester, Computer Science
Jan Cooper, WMS
Dr Sarah Dahl, CES
Naomi de la Tour, IATL
Dan Derricott, Education Policy &Quality (2018 deferred to Aug 2022)
Lisa Field, International Student Team
Dr Zhiyan Guo, SMLC
Sam Hardy, Education Group
Emily Hargreaves, Philosophy
Dr Damien Homer, Arts
Karen Jackson, Library
Dr Nicholas Jackson, Mathematics & Economics
Dr Jagjeet Jutley-Neilson, Psychology
Dr John Kirkman, ADC
Mairi Macintryre, WMG
Sam Parr, Students' Union
Dr Sandra Pereira, WBS
Dr Michael Pounds, Physics (2018 deferred to Aug 2022)
Dr Juliet Raynsford, CES (2018 deferred to Aug 2022)
Prof Richard Smith, CAL
Prof Olanrewaju Sorinola, WMS
Michele Underwood, Doctoral College
Dr Leticia Villamediana González, SMLC
Ex officio Fellows
Professor Jo Angouri, Academic Director (Education & Internationalisation)
Isabelle Atkins, Students' Union (Education Officer)
Professor Andy Clark, Academic Director (Undergraduate Studies)
Prof Will Curtis, Academic Director (Partnerships)
Shingai Dzumbira, Students' Union (President)
Prof Rebecca Freeman, Dean of Students
Dr Letizia Gramaglia, WIHEA & ADC (Foundation Fellow)
Professor Chris Hughes, Vice Chancellor's Office
Nathan Parsons, Students' Union (Postgraduate Officer)
Charlton Sayer, Students' Union (Welfare and Campaigns Officer)
Professor Pat Tissington, Academic Director, (Employability and Skills)
Professor Gwen van der Velden, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor (Education)