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Impact on Staff Fellows' career and professional development

Staff Fellows are based in both academic departments and professional services. Fellows from professional services are often ‘third space professionals’ based in the administrative structure but working with direct impact on students and academic practices. In their impact statements further on in this publication, the Fellows relate in their own words the impact their Fellowship has had on their career and professional learning. Striking are the accounts that show how interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary engagement has led to a more critical understanding of pedagogy and practice, leading to change in their own teaching or support of students and that of their departments. Many Fellows have achieved external recognition, and almost all Fellows acknowledge that receiving project funding, participating in or leading Learning Circles, involvement in governance or policy development have enhanced their promotion prospects. Twenty Fellows have become Professors during the seven years of the Academy’s existence and eight Fellows remain part of the Education Executive, contributing to the strategic leadership of education at Warwick.

The advantage of a Fellowship also means for many Fellows that they are well informed of pedagogical and institutional developments, allowing them to enhance their position and standing within their departments and professional services. It provides students with unique opportunities to take part in exchanges, projects, Learning Circles, proposing teaching and learning policy or developing new academic practice that enhance the student experience and student outcomes. They also further develop an impressive range of skills, knowledge, and experience during their time at Warwick.