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Undergraduate Research

About undergraduate research

All undergraduate students in all higher education institutions should experience learning through, and about, research and inquiry.”

Healey, M. & Jenkins, A. (2009) Developing undergraduate research and inquiry. Higher Education Academy

The purpose of integrating undergraduate research into the curriculum is to reconnect research and teaching – the core elements of a modern higher education institution – to consolidate and enrich the values of academic life.

Engaging students as co-researchers and co-inquirers can involve all students on a programme learning through research, or selected students working with staff on extra-curricular research projects.

The process of undergraduate research at the University of Warwick engages a range of staff members who offer their perspectives: academics provide guidance on the content and ideas of research, librarians guide students through quality literature and ethics, skills & careers counselors teach students to apply their new-found skills to their jobs and the job-seeking process, while IATL ensures that undergraduate research is seen and valued, as well as offering students extra-curricular research activities.

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