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Academics' perspective

Case Study: Making History

Making History is a first-year core module for all history students. The module explores the practice of history through the research process, from primary sources to the presentation, dissemination, manipulation and consumption of historical interpretation. It encourages students to think critically about materials, scholarship and their own approach to academic work in different media.

The module convenor Dr Sarah Richardson presents the case study on the research-heavy module.

Case Study: Preparing for UG research

Gender, History & Politics in Britain, 1790-1939 is a second-year optional module. The module considers the theory and practice of women’s participation in British economic, social and political life. It employs a variety of sources (including novels, autobiography, political pamphlets and social investigations) to explore women’s and men’s engagement in public life.

The module convenor Dr Sarah Richardson presents the case study, explaining how the module prepares students for research in the future.

Case Study: A negotiated curriculum

Students' response to research in the curriculum