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IATL's perspective

Case Study: BLASTER

BLASTER is a collaborative research group of six institutions who have secured Erasmus+ funding to undertake a major project on Liberal Arts and Science education in Europe. This project aims to strengthen the quality and the relevance of European undergraduate education as a whole.

Warwick is involved in two of the project's three strands, one of which is Undergraduate Research. The Warwick team are creating an innovative online Guide to Undergraduate Research which will showcase best practice and provide advice and guidance to institutions who wish to embed UG research in their curricula, and to the students who are interested in carrying out UG research.

This case study is presented by Dr Becky Fisher, who is the Administrative Lead for the project.

Case Study: Students as Leaders: A Campus of Ideas

Presented by Dr Becky Fisher, this project aims to facilitate student-led research into developing innovative learning outcomes and partnerships in the context of a new module proposal. Warwick Estates, students and IATL work together to form innovative collaboration with wide reaching implications. The project is unique and builds on research and activities already carried out by an interdisciplinary group of students to construct an Eco-Centre, a sustainable low-impact building on campus.

The project team comprises of core student researchers and Engineers Without Borders UK alongside key stakeholders from Estates and an external architect. There is also academic support from IATL, and the researchers work with a wide range of relevant parties including other students.

International Conference for Undergraduate Research

ICUR is an exclusively undergraduate forum designed to showcase the very best in undergraduate research. It allows participants to present their work to an international and interdisciplinary audience and the 2017 event will join together students from as many as eleven universities and campuses, across five continents through the use of cutting-edge video conferencing technology.