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Students' perspective

Case Study: Flashcards Project

The WMS Flashcards are a revision resource for Warwick Medical School students preparing for exams, that was created by WMS students Gareth Knott and Thomas Salisbury, and supervised by Dr Anne-Marie Feeley.

The flashcards run on a computer program called Anki, which provides an intelligent and efficient revision system, using the mechanism of spaced repetition.

Flashcards Project: Further Research

The project was carried forward by WMS students for a number of years: student Tom Sutherland-Grant heavily revised the flashcards to reflect the new curriculum, while Charlie Roe conducted a research project to analyse the uptake of the flashcards software, what the best kind of flashcard is, and what impact it has had.

We talked to Charlie about his research project and his findings.

Flashcards project: Supervisor's perspective

Dr Anne-Marie Feeley explains how the project has evolved through the years and the benefits she has observed.

What is the motivation for encouraging student-led projects?

Dr Feeley and students Charlie and Gareth discuss why student-led projects are more popular with both students and staff.