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University and Student Careers & Skills perspective

Case Study: Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

URSS is a scheme to provide support for undergraduate students who wish to carry out a summer research project as an addition to a degree course.

The case study is presented by Dr Nathalie Dalton-King, the Co-ordinator for URSS.

What is the University's motivation for encouraging UG research?

The URSS recently completed a pilot impact project to assess undergraduate research at the University.

Dr Nathalie-Dalton King presents the results.

Why do students want to get involved in undergraduate research?

Students may choose to get involved in a URSS project for a number of reasons: to get some practice before doing a PhD, to try out research in order to make up their mind about a further degree, or to simply get the most out of their university experience.

Students' response to URSS

During their involvement in URSS, students often have a "lightbulb moment", when they realise that their research not only benefits them and the community directly, but also provides them with something much more lifelong.