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Congratulations!! 27 New WIHEA Fellows Selected

A WIHEA Fellowship recognises and rewards outstanding achievements in learning and teaching and is an exceptional opportunity to engage with colleagues across the university, improve the student experience, make a genuine difference to Warwick and strengthen career development.

Selected by the WIHEA Advisory Group during a competitive annual selection process consisting of application and nomination in July 2017, the 27 new Fellows listed below joined WIHEA’s collaborative community, which comprises fellows and members who each have a demonstrable commitment to Learning and Teaching and collectively represent the global and interdisciplinary staff and student body at Warwick.

Following a welcome lunch for the new Fellows on the 20 September 2017, all 87 Fellows have been invited to attend the first regular Fellows Lunch (which take place approximately every 6 weeks) to engage in a number of strategic discussions and activities. The WIHEA Fellows take on institutional or Faculty roles that help embed good practice in learning and teaching across the University. This can take many forms:

    • Fellows can bid for project funding to embed agreed practice, or review and redesign existing practices.
      • Fellows may represent the teaching 'voice' by taking part in the formal governance of the University through committees, sub-committees and working groups.
        • Fellows have the opportunity to inform Warwick's strategic and practical thinking on learning and teaching, as and when new challenges or ambitions arise.
          • Fellows are able to develop expertise in areas of interest and seek to develop influence within the institution to enhance practice and policy.

          During the three year fellowship term, Fellows have many opportunities to develop and show leadership of learning and teaching, including engagement with national and international peers, an aspect which is often crucial to successful promotion.

          Congratulations to:

          Dr Anil Awesti, CLL

          Nick Barker, Chemistry

          Dr Gavin Bell, Physics

          Dr Elisabeth Blagrove, Psychology

          Christine Bradford, Library

          Ant Brewerton, Library

          Dr Dave Britnell, Engineering

          Dr Imogen Davies, Health Sciences

          Gill Frigerio, CLL

          Caroline Gibson, IATL

          Jenni Good, Law

          Jess Humphreys, LDC

          Liam Jackson, Students' Union

          Ruth Leary, CMPS

          Margaret Low, WMG

          Dr Debbi Marais, WMS

          Dr Troy McConachy, CAL

          Dr Jennie Mills, LDC

          Dr Meleisa Ono-George, History

          Dr Stefania Paredes Fuentes, Economics

          Dr Lydia Plath, History

          Dr Sophie Reissner-Roubicek, CAL

          Dr Emma Rushforth, WMG

          Dr Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, Liberal Arts

          Dr Karen Simecek, Philosophy

          Joanne Wale, IATL

          Dr Leanne Williams, Life Sciences

          Follow this link for a full list of all WIHEA Fellows.

          Further information on becoming a Fellow or Member of WIHEA is available here.

          Mon 30 October 2017, 10:27 | Tags: Staff Recognition