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National Teaching Fellowship Awards 2021

We would like to extend huge congratulations to Dr Letizia Gramaglia (WIHEA) and Dr Meleisa Ono-George (History), for being awarded their National Teaching Fellowship in 2021.

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme is the most prestigious award for excellence in teaching in higher education, recognising individuals who made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and teaching.

We are particularly proud to have 16 WIHEA Fellows and Alumni who have won National Teaching Fellowship awards in the past.

Dr Letizia Gramaglia is Head of Academic Development and Director of WIHEA.

She has led educational projects on inclusive pedagogies and assessment, resulting in higher levels of participation, engagement and completion. Her strategic leadership of academic development has had major impact on pedagogy and educational changes at institutional level, enhancing the learning experience of staff and students.

Leti has worked closely with Monash Education Academy to establish a close partnership and has contributed to the development of professional recognition schemes for teaching in higher education at Monash University.

Dr Meleisa Ono-George is Associate Professor and Director of Student Experience in the Department of History.

Meleisa was the founder and co-lead of the WIHEA Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process in HE Learning Circle that launched a staff development programme ‘Tackling Racial Inequality at Warwick’ (TRIW) and Anti-Racist Pedagogy Teaching Forum in 2020. Meleisa is an expert in anti-racist pedagogy and inclusive teaching practices to support more positive experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. Her disciplinary background is race, gender and sexuality, focusing on construction of ‘race’ and how oppressed groups navigate structures of power and inequality. She is also focused on exploring ‘ethical’ historical methodologies that help empower marginalised communities, particularly of Afro-Caribbean ancestry.

Dr Letizia Gramaglia

Dr Meleisa Ono-George