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Introducing WIHEA Connect

WIHEA Connect: extending our reach

The past five years have given us ample evidence of the strong impact that WIHEA is having on Fellows, Alumni, Members and the Institution. As our network of Fellows and Alumni continues to grow in size and expertise, we are keen to ensure that the benefits of WIHEA are more broadly felt across the wider Warwick community. To this end, we have established WIHEA Connect: a space for engagement and collaboration, open to the entire community of staff and students at Warwick and beyond.

This recently launched platform aims to create strong communities of practice and promote opportunities to engage in discussion on topical issues.

At the moment we have dedicated online spaces for resources and support on Anti-Racist Pedagogy, Peer Dialogue, Wellbeing and Trans/Gender-inclusive pedagogies. More resources on Restorative Justice within Higher Education will also be added in the coming weeks.

You are most welcome to explore the various resources available, take part in events and connect with the work of the academy in a variety of ways.