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WIHEA Women-Space Leadership Programme

We are thrilled to announce the launching of an exciting and ground breaking programme specifically designed to support academic leadership of WIHEA Women Fellows in their final year of Fellowship. The programme runs from 6 January 2022 to 2 July 2022.

This academic development and leadership coaching and mentoring programme for 5 Women Fellows, will take an intersectional approach to issues of equity. It will address both longstanding concerns related to the barriers and challenges women face in developing their academic leadership skills, capabilities and profile as well as drawing on any contemporary concerns that are of particular impact.

The programme comprises of coaching and mentoring sessions, providing a highly personalised approach to enable you to reflect, evaluate and set goals for the next stage of your career. It will also enable you to extend your network and learn about the work cultures of different organisations and how to apply that knowledge to your current context and future plans.

The programme will be delivered by Professor Christina Hughes, Founding Fellow of WIHEA and CEO of Women-Space Leadership.