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Event registration - Essays Made Easy

ESSAYS MADE EASY: A CIM academic writing skills session

Are you looking to bump your grades up a level? Have you received feedback saying "Your essay didn't have a clear structure" or "The introduction needed work" or "You made some good points, but they didn't come together to support a larger argument?" If so, this session is for you!

There are many publications and online guides that focus on essay writing, but mastering essays remains challenging for many students. In this session, we will cover the basics of essay writing - structure, argument, evidence, research - in an interactive way and using examples. We will then focus on common things students often struggle with, such as ordering ideas in a logical manner and engaging with existing research. In the final part of the session, students will be able to discuss their current essay writing challenges and receive feedback.

The session will be in-person (F2F) and run by Nate Tkacz.

Session details:

  • Date(s): Thursday, 17/03/2022
  • Time: From 14:00-16:00
  • Room: B2.01 (Sci Conc)

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