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E2E Interfaces: A Post-Digital Design Workshop

E2E Interfaces: A Post-Digital Design Workshop by Michael Dieter

E2E Interfaces: A Post-Digital Design Workshop offers a space for collectively recuperating historical potentials and reimagining futures for interaction design. How might the methodologies of user experience design (UX) aimed at driving engagement, capturing attention, and prefiguring experience be reclaimed, diverted or undermined? How can we build collective enunciations of interface critique, and establish alternatives to the current configurations of platform capitalism and its onto-epistemologies of control? What are the possibilities for an emerging paradigm of post-digital design? This session welcomes designers, artists, media studies researchers, software developers and programmers, students, media historians, or anyone with an interest in the future of the interface.

This workshop is scheduled on 20th February from12:00 to 15:00.

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