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CIM’s brand new MASc Data Visualisation Degree

CIM is offering a brand new MASc Data Visualisation degree starting in 2022/23

CIM is excited to offer a brand new Data Visualisation Masters degree starting in the 2022/23 academic year!

This new interdisciplinary degree builds on CIM’s specialist research and teaching expertise, exploring visualisations as key interfaces for communication, decision-making and engagement across media, science, industry, policy and advocacy. This unique combination will allow students to connect technical and scientific aspects of data visualisation creation with socio-cultural and critical understanding. Students will learn how to design, develop, deploy and interpret data visualisations through methodological, conceptual and practice-based learning.

MASc Data Visualisation is also CIM’s first MASc degree, a flexible Masters where students can customise their learning trajectories through interdisciplinary topics and modules, and align the emphasis to their interests and strengths. Through the core modules “Visualisation Foundations”, “Data Visualisation in Science, Culture and Public Policy” and “Advanced Visualisation Design Labs”, along with a selection of a diversity of electives, students will be able to build their unique, interdisciplinary perspective into designing, developing, deploying and interpreting data visualisations. The students will gain expertise through interactions between Data, Code, Design and Theory, developed through learning to code as a basis for creating visualisations. The degree is open to students from all disciplinary backgrounds and no previous coding experience is needed.

Further information on the degree and application details could be found here.