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Emma Uprichard - CIM @ the Alan Turing Institute

Congratulations to Emma Uprichard (Reader in CIM) who will be a Turing Fellow for the next 2 years at the Alan Turing Institute for Data Science. Turing fellows spend a significant amount of time working amongst the Institute activities and partners, bringing their skills and backgrounds to the subject of ‘data science’.

Whilst at the Alan Turing Institute Emma will be working on how to use data science for complex government policy and evaluation. She will be especially exploring the ways in which 'linked data' can be used to better understand the causal mechanisms behind how social systems (e.g. cities, institutions, organisations) change, and importantly, how and why they also often get stuck.

Institute Director Professor Graham Cormode said: “Appointment of our new Turing Fellows is a testament to Warwick’s strengths in data science research. They will each contribute to the Turing Institute's expanding interdisciplinary research programme. Our Turing fellows are drawn from departments across campus, and we are continually looking for new ways to connect Warwick researchers with the breadth of opportunities and connections available through our partnership with the Institute."

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