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Ethnic inequalities in cycling

Image of bike on a  sign

Cycling advertisement in Greater London. Author: Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel


This research grant builds upon the results of Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel’s research project “Mobilities injustice and regional inequalities in cycling to work in London”. Using London data, Zofia mapped and identified ethnic disparities in cycling. Majority of outer London boroughs have neither a good cycling network nor a high proportion of bike commuters. These regions are usually inhabited by a greater proportion of ethnic minorities.

This new research grant will bring forward the quantitative results from this project and identify the policies and advocacy practices. The goal is to advance understanding of how current transportation policies address cycling inequalities and to get a better knowledge on cycling equity practices of local advocacy groups.

Research design

The multi-method research design includes a document analysis and desk research of local policies. The upcoming second stage covers expert interviews. The research design is collaborative and participatory – research stakeholders are welcome to co-design and reshape the research tools.

Information about the project

The research project “Ethnic inequalities in cycling – advocacy and policy in London” is funded by two University of Warwick departments: Institute of Advanced Study and Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies. This study has been reviewed and given favourable opinion by the University of Warwick’s Humanities and Social Science Research Ethics Committee (HSSREC).

Principal Investigator is Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick.

Contact details

Please contact Zofia if you are interested to learn more about the project or follow her Twitter account for updates. The detailed results of her previous research project are to be published in the Regional Science, Regional Studies in 2022.


Bednarowska-Michaiel, Z. (n.d.). Mobilities injustice and regional inequalities in cycling to work. Regional Studies, Regional Science.

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