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Feminist Maps of Feminicide

Helena Suárez Val is presenting her work on feminist maps of feminicide at UCL Americas Research Network’s 2019 Annual Conference 'Chaos and Crisis in the Americas', 9-10 May, London.

feminist maps of feminicide

Feminicide, or femicide, names the gender-related violent deaths of women, the tip of the iceberg in a continuum of violence that is "terrorising women" in the Americas (Fregoso & Bejarano, 2010). In 2017, the UN called Latin America and the Caribbean the most violent region in the world for women and feminist activists have responded to this ongoing crisis by intensifying activism on the issue. In recent years, feminist activists across Latin America have been highlighting the phenomenon by creating digital cartographies of feminicide (, including my own project mapping feminicide in Uruguay ( In this paper, through an analysis of cases in Uruguay, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain, I propose that the practice of creating feminist data visualisations constitutes part of an affective oriented to generate change in personal and political responses to feminicide. A feminist activist attempt to move the atmosphere surrounding the crisis of feminicide from indifference to action.

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Credit: Montage, Helena Suárez Val - Screen captures of maps of feminicide in various regions: Estado de México, México (Madrigal 2017); Santa Fé, Argentina 2011-2017 (López 2017); Ecuador (Geografía Crítica 2016); Uruguay (Suárez 2017); México (Salguero 2017); Ciudad Juárez, Mexico (Ramírez 2017).