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New special issue of Revista Dígitos on The Data Sprint Approach

New special issue of Revista Dígitos on The Data Sprint Approach 

Four facets explain what data sprints are for (Omena, Cano-Orón, Gobbo & Flores, 2022)

A new special issue of Revista Dígitos has just been released. The issue is edited by Janna Joceli Omena (University of Warwick, Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies), Beatrice Gobbo (Politecnico di Milano, Density Design Lab), Lorena Cano-Orón (Universitat de València) and Ana Marta M. Flores (NOVA University of Lisbon). The monograph section reunites articles addressing research experiments, protocols and knowledge creation through data sprints. It explores and unpacks sprints as an interdisciplinary collaborative space while presenting data sprints' purpose, advantages and concrete results for different fields of study. This collection builds on research developed for, in and after data sprints. The articles expose the potentials and challenges of data sprints for teaching-learning digital methods research and as reflective devices for producing scientific knowledge yet for methods and tools creation. See the articles below.

What are data sprints for?

Janna Joceli Omena, Lorena Cano-Orón, Beatrice Gobbo, Ana Marta Flores

Data Sprint Learning. Exercising Proximity to Data in Teaching Situations

Laura Kocksch, Mace Ojala, Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda

“Hands On”: incorporación de data sprints y digital methods en la docencia de marketing digital

Òscar Coromina Rodríguez, Adrián Padilla Molina

El método data sprint: un ejercicio de reflexividad feminista sobre las prácticas de producción de conocimiento

María Concepción Castillo-González, Dorismilda Flores-Márquez, Gabriela Elisa Sued

Staging and storing data sprint-based research results: a communication design approach

Beatrice Gobbo, María de los Ángeles Briones Rojas, Elena Aversa, Tommaso Elli, Andrea Benedetti, Michele Mauri, Gabriele Colombo

Visualizing an image network without rendering files: the development of a methodological framework combining user hashtags with computer vision labels

Giulia Tucci

Exploring User Engagement with Portuguese Political Party Pages on Facebook: Data Sprint as Workflow

Jorge Martins Rosa, N. Gizem Bacaksızlar Turbic, Alda Magalhães Telles, Clara González Tosat, Cristian Jiménez Ruiz, Kalliopi Moraiti, Oğuz Özgür Karadeniz, Valentina Pallacci

Visual Communication strategy of populist leaders on Instagram in 2020

Ilya Lavrov, Chiara Miozzo, Marie Palaffre, Franziska Schranz