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Programme for PLATIAL'19 Symposium

Upcoming event: PLATIAL'19 International Symposium on Place-Based Information Science


Date and location: University of Warwick, Coventry, 5–6 September 2019.

Places being "the geographical units of lived human life " are an extremely diverse subject, which can only be studied in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner. For this reason, this year's symposium (5 to 6 September, at the University of Warwick) from the PLATIAL series has the motto "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Place". The now finalised programme (see includes contributions from geography, sociology, psychology, cognitive science and cartography. In this way, the symposium will give a broad and stimulating impetus to the Place community, as well as promote and strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition to the regular contributions, we are particularly proud of two distinguished keynote addresses: Nigel Thrift (University of Oxford) will give a talk on "Big: The Originality Machine and Place"; Thora Tenbrink (Bangor University) will put "The Language of Place" on the agenda. A panel will further address the issue of a stronger and more sustained promotion of an interdisciplinary research agenda on place. The entire event is highly interactive. In this way, participants can expect a maximum of knowledge gain and networking, which will be further strengthened by a conference dinner. Registrations can be made on the symposium website: We are looking forward to your participation!