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Soils, care and community: re-imagining ecological belonging

maria_large.pngMaria Puig de la Bellacasa will be speaking at Nottingham Contemporary in the framework of the exhibition Still I Rise. Feminisms, Gender, Resistance

The talk will be on Soils, care and community: re-imagining ecological belonging

This talk weaves together moments in scientific practice, community activism and creative art to tell stories in which soils are coming alive, revealing life within them, even a spirit. Re-animated human-soil relations are altering the perception of earth matter as inert resource passive to human use. Instead, they call for a sense of caring interdependency where the carers are not only human. As soils become enlivened a sense of human-soil interdependency is intensified, appealing to renewed ecological affinities, re-animating not only soils but also the humans who care for them. A more than human sense of community and belonging emerges, that depends on embracing the breakdown and recirculation of matter as a mundane eco-ethical obligation that disrupts the fascination with life as magnificent productivity and endurance.