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Sound of Care Roundtable

Sound of Care roundtable Sunday 24 January 6pm CET Naomi Waltham-Smith is speaking at a roundtable on Sound of Care with participants including Bernie Krause, Holger Schulze, and Leah Barclay as part of the #LearningPlanet Festival 2021 organised in partnership with UNESCO. The panel is held in partnership with BBC Media Action, the Museum for the United Nations—UN Live, the Institute for Sound and Music (ISM) Berlin, and the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI) Paris, and is sponsored by EIT Climate-KIC. This transdisciplinary event explores how sound can be an engagement tool and a vehicle for collective action at scale with the conclusions feeding into a report for EIT Climate-KIC. The conversation will be visualised in real time through Cognitive Cities by Exaptive.