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The All-Seeing Algorithm

The All-Seeing Algorithm? Craig Gent on NovaraFM

The All-Seeing Algorithm? Craig Gent on NovaraFM

Craig Gent joined James Butler on a recent edition of the NovaraFM radio show to discuss his research on algorithmic management in the workplace. Craig recently passed his PhD viva in CIM and is a senior editor at Novara Media. His thesis, titled 'The Politics of Algorithmic Management: Class Composition and Everyday Struggle in Distribution Work', revisted the frameworks and methodologies of early autonomist Marxism to explore contemporary developments in computationally-dependent workplaces.

In this one-hour conversation, Craig and James discuss the difference between algorithmic management and automation, prospects for digital resistance, the theology of algorithms, Frederick Winslow Taylor's enthusiasm for swearing, and much more.

Listen on SoundCloud on the link below or find the podcast on your preferred podcast app by searching 'Novara Media'.