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Uncovering Inequalities

19th of May 2021

Uncovering social and regional inequalities using spatial data and interdisciplinary methods” – a workshop led by Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel

Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel ran a CIM Research Workshop on 19th of May 2021. It aimed to bridge participants on campus and those joining online together.


The workshop focused on an interdisciplinary approach to researching inequalities. During the first session, a map was created of key inequalities in the regions the group currently lives in. A discussion was held to explore the role of regional science and spatial data in stimulating policy discussions around inequalities.

Later in the session, a direct look was taken at inequalities from the perspective of people who live in a given region. Using the brainwriting method, a number of reasons were identified for uneven access to cycling using an example of the Greater London area.

Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel presented her research project on London cyclin, she used multi-disciplinary theories and iterative research design to support uncovering inequalities. The final part included discussions on how to utilise the learning from the workshop to help participants with their research projects.