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Maria Puig de la Bellacasa - Article of the Year Prize

Maria Puig de la Bellacasa awarded the Article of the Year Prize of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics for "Re-animating soils: Transforming human–soil affections through science, culture, and community" The Sociological Review, 2019. The winner was announced at the annual fall seminar of the Society on the 7 December on the following grounds: “In the article, Professor Puig de la Bellacasa challenges the human-centered tradition of division between the human subject and non-human object while bringing aesthetics into current posthuman discourses and the domain of new materialism. She introduces soil as an active agent in the process of aesthetic meaning-making. The argumentation boldly opens into different fields of inquiry and experiments with the plasticity of aesthetics, negotiating between animated and non-animated binaries. While making her argument on shared aliveness, Professor Puig de la Bellacasa uses aesthetics as an organic part of multidisciplinary methodology. Thus, she promotes the visibility of aesthetics in other academic fields and markedly achieves one of the most important criteria of this award.”