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Cagatay Turkay (Associate Professor)

Cagatay Turkay (Associate Professor)

My research falls under the broad area that can be referred to as Visual Data Science and focuses on designing visualisations, interactions and computational methods to enable an effective combination of human and machine capabilities to facilitate data-intensive problem solving. I try to understand how people make decisions together with algorithms, investigate the role of interactive visual computing in this process, and also design & build techniques and systems that build on this foundational understanding. More recently, I am investigating the role of interactive visualisation along with other interaction mediums such as natural language to design algorithms and systems that understand and adapt to their users for eventually facilitating explainable and accountable decision-making in situations where humans co-work with algorithms.

I have a special interest in working on problems where high-dimensional, spatio-temporal, heterogenous and large datasets are used in answering questions with data. The human-side of the solutions I aspire to build is of utmost importance and I always try and take a human-centric approach when thinking about problems and solutions. Thanks to this, I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from many researchers with various different backgrounds such as biomedicine, bioinformatics, geography, social science, cyber security to name a few.

I am also involved actively in designing and co-teaching modules such as Data Science Across Disciplines, Visualisation and Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science as part of our educational offering at CIM.

Academic Profile

I joined CIM as an Associate Professor in September 2019. Before that I've been first a Lecturer and then a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at City, University of London between 2014 to 2019. At City, I worked with the wonderful colleagues at the giCentre. I received my PhD degree in Visualisation from University of Bergen, Norway in 2014 and served as a visiting research fellow at Harvard University in 2013. I have an MSc and BSc in Computer Science from Sabanci University and Middle East Technical University in Turkey. I frequently publish my research on visualisation journals such as IEEE TVCG, CGF, and IEEE CG&A, as well as journals in machine learning and data mining. I serve on the organising and programme committees for several conferences such as IEEE VIS, EuroVis, BioVis and EuroVA, and serve on the editorial boards of Computers & Graphics and Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction journals, as well as having guest editor roles at ACM TiiS and IEEE CG&A.

I have been awarded the EuroVis Young Researcher award and named a EuroGraphics Junior Fellow in 2019. As of October 2021, I am also a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, UK.


Sep. 2020 – Feb. 2022: Visualising Contact Networks in Response to COVID-19, UKRI, £174k for Warwick (Turkay, Joint PI)
Feb 2021 – Jan. 2022: RAMP VIS: Making Visual Analytics an Integral Part of the Technological Infrastructure for Combating COVID-19, £11k for Warwick (Turkay, Co-I)
Aug. 2020 - Jul. 2022: DECIDE - Delivering Enhanced Biodiversity Information with Adaptive Citizen Science and Intelligent Digital Engagements, NERC, £96k for Warwick (Turkay, Co-I)
Mar. 2020 - Jul. 2020: More-than-human data interactions in the smart city, EPSRC HDI Network+, £62k (Turkay, Co-I)
Jan. 2019 – June. 2019: Investigating Interactive Visualisation Techniques for AI Explainability, City, University of London, Pump-priming Fund, £5k, (Turkay, Co-I with R. Henkin)
Dec. 2017 – March. 2019: NlViS: Natural Language Interaction for Visual Data Analysis, EPSRC First Grant, £100k, (Turkay, PI)
April. 2018 – March. 2019: Agent based modelling and visualisation of the causes and consequences of knockon delays, RSSB, £80k, (Turkay, Co-I)
Sept. 2016 – Aug. 2019: DiSIEM: Diversity-enhancements for Security Information and Event Management, EU H2020, € 4 million total (€ 910k for CITY) (Turkay, City PI with I. Gashi)
Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2018: Interactive Visualization of Large Email Data, Industrial Funding (Redsift Inc.), £86k, (Turkay, PI)
May 2014 – November 2015: FareViz, Technology Strategy Board (£120k for City, £472k total) (Turkay, Researcher Co-I)


Andrienko, N., Andrienko, G., Fuchs, G., Slingsby, A., Turkay, C. and Wrobel, S., 2020. Visual analytics for data scientists. Springer International Publishing.

Selected Publications

(See my Google Scholar and DBLP profiles for a more complete list, and I publish most of my talk slides on a SlideShare account)

Henkin, R. and Turkay, C., 2021. Words of Estimative Correlation: Studying Verbalizations of Scatterplots. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.
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Nguyen, P.H., Turkay, C., Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Thonnard, O. and Zouaoui, J., 2018. Understanding user behaviour through action sequences: from the usual to the unusual. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics.
Chen, S., Li, J., Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Wang, Y., Nguyen, P.H. and Turkay, C., 2018. Supporting Story Synthesis: Bridging the Gap between Visual Analytics and Storytelling. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics.
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Turkay, C., Lundervold, A., Lundervold, A.J. and Hauser, H., 2012. Representative factor generation for the interactive visual analysis of high-dimensional data. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 18(12), pp.2621-2630.
Turkay, C., Filzmoser, P. and Hauser, H., 2011. Brushing dimensions-a dual visual analysis model for high-dimensional data. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics, 17(12), pp.2591-2599.



Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Room B0.08
University of Warwick

Email:Cagatay dot Turkay at warwick dot ac dot uk