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Daniele Pizio (Research Fellow)

Daniele Pizio (Research Fellow)

I joined CIM in February 2022 as postdoctoral researcher. I work with professor Matt Spencer on the project ‘Scaling Trust: An Anthropology of Cyber Security’. We are questioning the nature of cyber security models through a systematic empirical comparative study of ‘Zero Trust’ and ‘Distributed Trust’ paradigms. We examine the history and social conditions of these models, and engaging with the philosophy of science, we interrogate what a security model might be supposed to be.

Research Interests

My research interests are predominantly situated in Science and Technology Studies, with a particular focus on Infrastructure Studies and Internet Governance Studies. My PhD project was about Tor (acronym of 'The Onion Router') a security, anonymity and privacy-oriented digital network. My research aimed to reach three goals: deconstructing the power structures and cultural imaginaries embodied into the Tor infrastructure, uncovering the policies pursued by its developers to keep the platform safe, usable and sustainable, and understanding how they imagine the concept of privacy. I am also interested in hacker cultures, surveillance capitalism, digital rights and online social movements.


I hold a PhD from the University of Leicester (School of Business), as well as a MA and a BA in International Relations from the University of Bologna (Italy). I worked as freelance reporter for a newspaper and a journalistic agency: I specialized in hacker cultures, surveillance capitalism, digital rights and online social movements. Also, I worked as network administrator in a web design company.


Spencer, M., & Pizio, D. (2023). The de-perimeterisation of information security: The Jericho Forum, zero trust, and narrativity. Social Studies of Science, 0(0).

2021. Forced to live side by side: power, privacy and conflict in the Tor network. University of Leicester, PhD thesis, August 18, 2021,

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2012. “#Ukriots! Il web nei disordini inglesi dell’agosto 2011”. In Historia Magistra: rivista di critica storica, 8:1, 60-87


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL