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Greg McInerny (Assistant Professor)

Greg McInerny (Assistant Professor)

My research is a blend of science, software and visualisation. Most quantitative questions require some level of methodological advance. Those methods are frequently instantiated in code or software. And finally, the results need to be explored and communicated to a variety of users. This ‘joined-up’ ethos has emerged from the multiple methodological challenges inherent to issues concerning planetary health, such as climate change and engaging stakeholders with uncertainty. A key feature of my work has been developing new, and perhaps unconventional, research partnerships and communities – for instance to address the lack of visualisation within science-policy interfaces (EcoVIZ). Currently, my research focuses on reproducibility and usability in ‘Species Distribution Modelling’ software (ZOON) and developing visualisation techniques for analytical and communication tasks within science and statistics.

Academic Profile

I joined CIM in September 2015, having worked on the EPSRC funded 2020science project at the University of Oxford (2012-2015) and worked at Microsoft Research Cambridge (2008-2012). Before completing my PhD in Ecology and Evolution (University of Leeds), I studied Ecology at UEA, where I carried out my dissertation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. I am a member of the Natural England Scientific Advisory Committee (NESAC), a Turing Fellow ( and have contributed to the NERC- BESS consortium as a communication advisor. My Visualisation work with Stef Posavec has been shown at MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art, New York).


WAYS - What Aren't You Seeing? (funded via the Alan Turing Institute ) w/ J Tripp

BackFillz - Visual Diagnostics for MCMC (funded via the Alan Turing Institute) w/ J Tripp -

Creating Interfaces - Integrated governance at the Food-Water-Energy-nexus (Belmont Forum - EPSRC/AHRC UK Funders) -

Swarm Intelligence: insects, humans and information on the move (AHRC funded) w/ R Fletcher, K Brown & A Thomson.

ZOÖN – an R framework and online repository for Species Distribution Modelling (funded via 2020science, EPSRC) w/ N Golding, E Van Loon, D Gavaghan, T Lucas, T August.

Information Visualisation for Science and Policy - Tansley Working Group (NERC Funded, 2013-2015) w/ O Gaffney, M Chen, D Young, J Dykes.

Selected Publications

McInerny, G J. (2018). 12 - Visualising Data - a view from design space. Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Methods. pp, 133-141.

Golding, N., August, TA., Lucas, TCD., Gavaghan, DJ., van Loon, EE & McInerny, GJ. (2017). The zoon R package for reproducible and shareable species distribution modelling. Methods in Ecology & Evolution. 9:260–268.

McInerny, G J. & Krzywinski M. (2015) Points of View: Ranges & Scales. Nature Methods. 12(7), 591.

McInerny, G J. Chen, M. Freeman, R. Gavaghan, D. Meyer, M. Rowland, F. Spiegelhalter, D. Stefaner, M. Tessarolo, G. & Hortal, J. (2014) Information visualization in science and policy - engaging users & communicating bias. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. 29. 148-157.

Joppa, L. McInerny, G J. Salido, L. O’Hara, K. Harper, R. Takeda, K. & Emmott, S. (2013) Troubling trends in scientific software use. Science. 340(6134), 814-815.

McInerny, G J. & Etienne, R S. (2012). Ditch the Niche - is the Niche a useful concept in ecology or species distribution modelling? Journal of Biogeography, 39, 2096-2102.

McInerny, G J. & Purves, D W. (2011) Fine scale environmental variation in species distribution models: regression dilution, latent variables and neighbourly advice. Methods in Ecology & Evolution. 2(3), 248-257.

McInerny, G J. Turner, J R G. Wong, H Y. Travis, J M J. & Benton, T G. (2009) How range shifts induced by climate change affect neutral evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 276, 1527-1534.

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Greg McInerny (Assistant Professor)


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