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Han Wen

Han Wen

Research Interests: Branding, Food, Sociology of Consumption, Consumer Culture.

Supervisors: Prof Celia Lury and Dr Emma Uprichard.

Research Topic

My PhD project is about how branding is changing everyday life, through the lens of meat branding in China.

This project firstly seeks to articulate the interdisciplinary complexity of brand research, especially out of the discipline of marketing. Then I will investigate empirically the meat branding practices currently happening in China, to probe how meat branding is changing the relationship between producers and consumers, indicating social and cultural meaning, and informing people's everyday life.


I hold an MA in Advertising at Jinan University of China, and a BA also in Advertising at Northeast Normal University of China. I have also studied Journalism at National Taiwan University as a visiting research student. So my previous research was about marketing, consumer research, new media and journalism.


2018-2022. Scholarship from the Overseas Study Programme of Guangzhou Elite Project. China.


• "Brand research: the interdisciplinary complexity after the cultural turn", at the CADRE Research Festival's one-day symposium: New Directions in Cultural and Media Research, 23rd May 2019, University of Warwick, UK.



Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

University of Warwick CV4 7AL

Email: Han dot Wen at warwick dot ac dot uk