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Matt Spencer (Assistant Professor)

Matt Spencer (Assistant Professor)

My research is in the tradition of ethnographic Science & Technology Studies, with a focus on studying scientific practice in computational science/scientific software development. My PhD, Reason and Representation in Scientific Simulation, was based on a fieldwork study of a research group at Imperial College in London.

I draw on a number of disciplines in order to explore the intersection of knowledge, practice, and digital technologies, including anthropology, information systems, social theory, and philosophy.

Academic Profile

I joined CIM in June 2017. Previously I was based at Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies where I gained my PhD in 2013. I started my academic career studying Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

In addition to my academic research, I have several years professional experience in IT and digital technology delivery, having worked in a variety of roles on web, mobile, e-learning and information systems projects for a range of clients, primarily in media, transport and public sectors.

Selected Publications

Spencer, M. 2015 ‘Brittleness and Bureaucracy: Software as a Material for Science.’ Perspectives on Science 23.4: 466-484
Spencer, M. 2013 'Doing Science Justice: Speculative Materialism and the Facticity of Research'. Symploke 21.1: 163-177
Spencer, M 2012. 'Memory and Trouble with Images in Computational Science'. Spontaneous Generations 6.1: 34-42
Spencer, M. 2012. 'Image and Practice: Visualisation in Computational Fluid Dynamics Research'. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. 37.1: 96-111

Math Spenser


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
B0.26 Social Sciences
University of Warwick