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Sarah Doughty (Centre Administrator)

Sarah Doughty (Centre Administrator)

The Centre Administrator is responsible for all Centre operations, including those relating to teaching, research, HR and financial management. Duties include:


  • The formation, review, and revision of Centre policy and strategy, in conjunction with other departmental staff and the Centre Director;
  • The financial planning, monitoring and reporting of the Centre;


  • Oversight of all PGT and PGR course administration and related procedures
  • Work with Centre staff and Research and Impact Services (RIS) to identify research funding opportunities and stimulate, coordinate and prepare research funding bids;
  • Monitoring of research grant spend, studentship spend and projects;


  • Support in organising research and academic events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, public engagement and outreach events;
  • To work closely with Centre staff with regard to publicising research events and other Centre information to ensure these reach the appropriate audiences;


  • Co-organisation of the Centre website, and coordination of the subsidiary webpages;

Student Support

  • Oversight of academic course support for academic staff and students; Oversight of postgraduate student recruitment and admission process; Oversight of records of student progression and attendance as appropriate;


  • Provision and maintenance of appropriate office accommodation and facilities, including furniture, IT equipment, telephones, photocopying etc;
  • Order goods and services such as stationery and equipment via SAP and process purchase orders and invoices.

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Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Room B0.09
University of Warwick

Tel: (+44) 024 761 51758

Email: Sarah dot K dot Doughty at warwick dot ac dot uk