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Timothy Monteath

Timothy Monteath

My research is located at the intersections of economic sociology and financial geography. Broadly conceived, I am interested in the infrastructure of data and information, and how these infrastructures can be understood and used to further social scientific enquiry. More specifically, my work has focused on land ownership and registration in the UK, elites and the super-rich, and financialisation and the power of finance. I have worked extensively with a wide variety of big datasets - programming mostly in R and Python.

My research often contains a visual and spatial element, incorporating novel GIS and data visualization methods as part of my research. I previously taught Cartography and Data Visualisation at UCL and am a co-author of the forthcoming Atlas of Finance.

Academic profile

I joined CIM as an Assistant Professor in 2023. Prior to which I was an Associate Lecturer in Human Geography and Data Visualisation at UCL and a CIVICA Open Social Science Researcher at the LSE. I was also a post-doc Research Associate in Finance and Geography at the University of Oxford. I received my PhD in Sociology from the LSE which focused on the Information Infrastructure of Land Registration in England. I have an MPhil in Modern Global Transformation from Cambridge University and a BA in International Relations and Security Studies from Bradford University.


Keenan, L., Monteath, T., Wójcik, D., (2023) “Hungry for power: Financialization and the concentration of corporate control in the global food system”, — Geoforum:

Keenan, L., Monteath, T., Wójcik, D., (2022) “More than FinTech? The Convergence of Global Production Networks and Global Financial Networks through Inter-Sectoral Mergers and Acquisitions”, — Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space:

Keenan, L., Monteath, T., Wójick, D., (2022), “Prioritising patents over patients? Exploring the variegated financialization of the pharmaceuticals industry through mergers and acquisitions ” — Competition and Change:

Schimpfoessl, E., Monteath, T., (2022) “Challenging the Dogma of the Self-made Man: The Sunday Times Rich List Reexamined”, eds, Bergum, S., Higgins, K., in: “How the Other Half Lives: Interconnecting Socio-Spatial Inequalities”, Manchester: Manchester University Press

2019 Schimpfoessl, E., Monteath, T., (2019) “The Culture of Elite Philanthropy: Russia and the United Kingdom Compared”, in eds: Duncan, E., Schimpfoessl, E., “Socialism, Capitalism and Alternatives: Area Studies and Global Theories”, London: UCL Press

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