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UK-Brazil collaboration for water, health and resilience

UK-Brazil collaboration for investigating the nexus between water, health and urban resilience


Project Start: September 2018

This project aims at investigating the links between water, health and resilience in Brazil and the UK. The main goal of the project is to investigate interdisciplinary methods and innovative approaches for collecting, curating and presenting distinct types of data to improve health, sanitation and resilience of disaster affected communities, with particular focus on flooding.

The primary research aim of the project is to develop an innovative approach to investigate the Water-Health-Resilience Nexus in changing urban environments in the UK and Brazil. Building urban resilience in flood-prone areas requires the development of adaptive capacities and socio-hydrological approaches capable of assisting this process by investigating the interplay between hydrological and human related dynamics, as well as implications to health and wellbeing. Thus, traditional disaster risk reduction methods will be complemented and enhanced in order to provide a more effective framework for delivering healthy and sustainable urban environments.


The areas we are planning to explore through this project reflect the interdisciplinary nature of our network. Hence, drawing from our expertise and expanding to our areas of growing research interest we aspire to explore the following thematic units:

  • New methods for collection, curation and visualisation of water-and-health related data to promote urban resilience in UK and Brazilian cities;
  • Content and applicability of socio-hydrological methods to enhance urban health in UK and Brazilian cities;
  • Citizen engagement and participatory governance to promote Water-and-Health security in UK and Brazilian Metropolitan Areas.