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Food Matters

Food Matters: A Sociological Case Study of Food and Eating Across the Life Course in York c. 1945-2010

Food and eating provides a fascinating way into exploring socio-cultural change in general, and a specific phenomenon through which to explore the ways in which social change occurs across multiple levels of everyday life.

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This research adopts an in-depth socio-historical mixed methods case study of changes in food and eating in the English city of York. A range of methods have been used, including interviews with local residents, longitudinal analysis of government food datasets, and documentary analysis of the Mass Observation Archive 1945 food menus and 1982 Food Directive.


Emma Uprichard (PI)

Other colleagues who have been involved the project:
Paul Chappell (Sociology, York)
Chris Heywood (York)
Prof. Sarah Nettleton (Sociology, York)