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Performances of Value

Performances of Value

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What’s valuable? This question – whether at the personal, organizational, or societal level – is increasingly being answered through various forms of competition. These can be through the prices of market competition but also through the prizes of contests, ratings, rankings and other forms of organized competitions. What, for example, is the social meaning of university rankings? Are such rankings and ratings forms of market competition? What are the consequences of representations of aspects of social life as a ranked order? An international network of scholars examines such questions in a series of workshops and public debates.


Professor David Stark - CIM, Warwick

Professor Celia Lury - CIM, Warwick

Professor Kristian Kreiner - Copenhagen Business School

Professor Elena Esposito - Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Professor Christine Musselin - Sciences Po and CNRS

Professor Fabian Muniesa - Mines ParisTech


The Leverhulme Trust