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Method and Methodologies

Method and Methodologies



The research stream of Methods and Methodologies is explored in the Centre in three main ways: a) developing new methods and methodologies that contribute to the understanding of data and society; b) considering the ways in which digital processes are changing the role of methods and methodology in everyday life; and c) exploring the interdisciplinary nature of certain methodological approaches and how they make and shape particular research fields and disciplines.

Members of CIM are involved in different approaches to the study the moving image, including:

  1. Developing new methodological approaches to critically engage with digital cartographies and mobile media (Sybille Lammes).
  2. Developing a compositional methodology, that is, a methodology that understands the research process in terms of the composition of forms of knowing (Celia Lury).
  3. Exploring the ways in which big data are displayed as ‘dashboards’ and the impact dashboards have on decision making processes (Nate Tkacz).
  4. Developing digital methods for vernacular geographies of risks and hazards in urban settings (Nataliya Tkachenko).
  5. Exploring how to develop alternative ways of studying complex social systems, which account for change over time-space whilst also accounting for agency and structure; alternative ways of mixing methods; and exploring novel ways of exploring time and temporality methodologically in social systems (Emma Uprichard).
  6. Examining the display of quantitative data, information and models for data analysts and, less-specialist, secondary users (Greg McInerny).