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CO906 Lecture Notes

Notes may be slightly updated as we proceed but will not change enormously from 2009-10 although we might do things in a slightly different order. I'll try to keep a note beside each chapter with the date of the status and most recent update along with a comment on the nature of any changes.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Last updated: 27-01-09
  • Status:First draft
  • Comments: First 4 chapters are fixed.

Chapter 1: Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Chapter 1
  • Last updated: 18-01-10
  • Status: first draft
  • Comments:

Chapter 2: Partial Differential Equations

  •  Chapter 2
  • Last updated: 16-01-09
  • Status:First draft
  • Comments:

Chapter 3: Parabolic Equations

  • Chapter 3
  • Last updated: 19-01-09
  • Status: First draft
  • Comments:

Chapter 4: Hyperbolic Equations 

Chapter 5: Spectral Methods

  • Chapter 5 is conditional on making sufficient progress in the module so no notes yet.

Additional topic: Boundary Value Problems and Elliptic Equations

Here are the plots of the relaxation methods applied to the Poisson equation which we looked at in class on Tuesday:


  •  Bibliography
  • Last updated: 04-01-09
  • Status: preliminary draft
  • Comments: Contains only a few links for Chap 1.