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About Us

The Institute of Health was established in 2001. The Founding Director was Gillian Hundt who, on becoming Chair of SHSS in 2003, was joined by a Co-Director from within the Faculty of Social Sciences – Hannah Bradby from the Sociology Department. In 2008 Hannah Bradby stepped down and has been replaced by Davide Nicolini from the Innovation, Knowledge and Organisational Networks Research Unit (IKON) in the Warwick Business School.


  • To profile externally health related social science research at the University of Warwick
  • To support and foster individual and institutional capacity in health related social science research in SHSS and the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • To link with staff in other Faculties of the University (particularly WMS) in developing multidisciplinary health related research with a strong social science component
  • To develop user and carer involvement in teaching and learning and research

Governance and Structure

The Institute of Health has two permanent staff: a research administrator (100%) and a post-doctoral researcher (20%). In addition, research fellows working on funded health related research within SHSS are housed within the IoH offices (Alzaroo, Keeley, Blaxter, Bryanston, Alzaroo, Stuttaford) and are part of the team, as are the health staff in SHSS (Blackburn, Dolan, Markham) and retired staff (Spencer, McLeod, Read). All research projects of these staff are attributed to and supported by the IoH. PhD students and staff members carrying out health related social science research in SHSS are members of the IoH as are academic staff in other departments and Faculties through membership of the research groups.

Research Groupings

There are research groupings that have convenors both internal and external to SHSS that meet once a term and hold seminars or plan projects. The research groupings are:

  • Health Inequalities (Blackburn)
  • Disability and Inequalities (Read and Blackburn)
  • Social Work and Health Inequalities (McLeod & Bywaters)
  • Applied Theatre in Health and Social Care (Bryanston and Jarrett)
  • E Health and Knowledge Translation (Powell and Nicolini)
  • Global Health and Human Rights (Stuttaford, Harrison, Ali )
  • Public Health Communication and Media (Dyakova)

In addition there is a large user forum – University User Teaching and Research Action Partnership (UNTRAP) that involves 100+ users and carers in teaching and research in health and social care. UNTRAP is convened by Hundt and Blaxter with an active steering group.

Research Themes

  1. Social and behavioural factors influencing health and health inequalities in relation to gender, ethnicity, disability, age, and socio- economic status
  2. User, Carer, and Health Professionals Experiences of Health Care
  3. Knowledge Transfer and Translation for Innovation in Health Care Organisations including Applied Theatre and Public Engagement with Science
  4. Global Health and Human Rights

 Gillian Hundt

 Gillian Hundt

 Davide Nicolini

 Davide Nicolini

Contact details:

Institute of Health
School of Health and Social Studies
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

Tel: (024) 7652 3164


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