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Davide Nicolini

Davide Nicolini is Professor of Organization Studies at Warwick Business School. He co-directs the IKON Research Centre at Warwick Business School and the Warwick Institute of Health. Prior to joining the University of Warwick he held positions at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and the University of Trento and Bergamo in Italy. His work has appeared in journals such as Organisation Science, Organisation Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations, Management Learning, and Social Science and Medicine. From 2009 he is Editor of Management Learning. His recent research focuses on the development of a practice-based approach to the study of organizational phenomena and its implications for the understanding of knowing, collaboration and change in organizations. He is also interested in organisational reflection processes and the application and development of action based approaches.

Most of his current research is in healthcare where he is studying the generation and circulation of safety knowledge, how top manager mobilise knowledge in their day to day work, and the process through which several ways of knowing are worked together. He has also studied construction sites, factories, public organizations, scientific labs, and pharmacies.


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Selected Publications

Nicolini, D. Mengis, J. and Swan, J. (2012) “Understanding the role of objects in multidisciplinary collaboration.” Organization Science, in press. link

Nicolini, D. (2011) “Practice as the Site of Knowing: Insights from the Field of Telemedicine”. Organization Science, 22: 602-620 link

Nicolini, D., Waring, J., Mengis, J. (2011) “Policy and practice in the use of root cause analysis to investigate clinical adverse events. Mind the gap.” Social Science & Medicine, 73 (2): 217-225. link

Nicolini, D., Hartley, J. Stanfield, A. and Hurcombe, J. (2011) ‘Through The Eyes Of Others: Using Developmental Peer Review To Promote Reflection And Change.’ Journal of Organizational Change Management 24 : 211-228. link

Nicolini, D. (2010) “Medical Innovation as a Process of translation: a case from the field of Telemedicine”, British Journal of Management, 21(4), 1011-1026. link

Nicolini, D. (2009)” Zooming In and Out: Studying Practices by Switching Lenses and Trailing Connections”. Organization Studies, 30, 1391-1418.  Link

Nicolini, D. (2009) “Articulating practice through the interview to the double”, Management Learning, 40 (2), 195-212. link

Nicolini, D. (2007) "Stretching out and expanding medical practices. The case of telemedicine". Human Relations, 60(6), 889-920. link



Davide Nicolini

T: 44 (0)24 7652 4282
F: 44 (0)24 7615 0498
Davide's CV as well as the full list of his publications can be found here (PDF Document)

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