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Susan Beckerleg Profile

Research profile

Susan Beckerleg wasa Social Anthropologist who has published widely on Africa and Arabia. For the past 25 years she applied her training to health and development issues, both as an academic and as a freelance consultant in Africa and Asia. Her current interests include: psychotropic drugs in Africa; ethnicity and identity in East African and the Middle East.

Research Projects:

2007 -2009 ‘Social identity and Khat in Uganda’ . Fieldwork with khat producers, traders, consumers and interviews with civil society leaders. In-depth interviews with elders on the history of khat. Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council.

2000 -2002 ‘Risking Independence? The lifestyles of Swahili women heroin users.’ Qualitative fieldwork with heroin users and health providers in Malindi, Kenya. Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council.

1995- 1998 ‘African Roots and Routes to the Middle East: pilgrims and slaves in Palestine and Israel.’ Field research by in-depth interviews into the origins and sense of identity of Palestinians of African descent living in Jerusalem, Gaza and the Negev area of Israel. Funded by: Nuffield Foundation, Social Science Award.

1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998 Community based training in the counselling and rehabilitation of heroin users. Application and adaptation of methods used in the UK to culture of Coastal Kenya. Assessments of levels and changing patterns of drug use in Malindi and Mombasa. Funded by: The British Council, Nairobi, Kenya.