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International Visiting Fellow Serhan Ada

The residency of professor Serhan Ada, UNESCO Chair (Istanbul), was very fruitful. He contributed his expertise on cultural policy, cities and policy research in many ways, including advice to masters and PGR students as well as speaking at a number of student seminars and public events.

Dr Ada's public seminars included speaking at a Coventry City of Culture event on Human Rights (on the 25th June), at an open research seminar on ‘Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Relations’ (26th June), and at a public lecture ‘Culture, Democracy and the City’ at a city centre venue (18th July). We have recorded a podcast interview with Dr Ada.

Dr Ada's contribution to research development includes advisory meetings on the development of our Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, of which we will be involved in promoting and contributing an article in a current issue as well as advising on a new research project ‘Global Cultural Governance’; on this he is contributing to the future network and an ESCR funding bid, leading in the area of Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Relations in the Islamic world. His main area of contribution is in advising on the structure of a major funding bid to study UNESCO’s 2005 Convention on cultural diversity, including a City of Culture impact project, a UNESCO Chair application, which is part of a 10 year strategic research plan.

Dr Ada has agreed to return to Warwick as external examiner on a thesis in the autumn, and has a broad network of significant contacts that will be instrumental in building the network of the Cultural Governance project, and he will also provide an entry into UNESCO circles.

I wish to thank the IAS and all the supportive administrative staff who made this visit very profitable and enjoyable.

Nominator Dr Jonathan Vickery - School of Theatre & Performance Studies