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Cécile Doustaly - End of Fernandes Fellowship Seminar and Discussion

Cécile Doustaly (Cergy Paris Université, Eutopia European University) will conclude her two Fernandes Fellowships with a joint IAS/SCAPVC/Arts Faculty research seminar, discussing her activities and collaborations with Helen Wheatley and Vishalakshi Roy, with their participation.

The Arts Faculty and IAS communities are most welcome to attend both the seminar and post event drinks.

Please join us in Zeeman C0.02Link opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window on Wednesday 15th June 5.00-6.30 pm.

Please Register to Attend hereLink opens in a new window

Speaker Biography - Cécile Doustaly, Cergy Paris Université (CY) & Fernandes Fellow at the IAS Warwick (2020-2022)

I am a Reader (Habilitation Thesis) at the UMR CNRS Héritages at CY. Using pluridisciplinary methods, my research draws on comparative anglophone studies, to explore cultural policies and heritage management, questioning how different cultures try to balance support for conservation and creation, cultural democratization, local engagement, tourism and internationalization, notably in museums and large urban projects and events. I also collaborate with ministries, local authorities, cultural institutions and international organizations in the UK, France and abroad.

Since 2017, I have been involved in our EUTOPIA European University Alliance, coordinating the scientific organisation of the Cergy Paris-Warwick workshop on Heritage, Creation and Memory (11/2019) with Penny Roberts (Chair, Arts Faculty).

During my Fellowships, I applied for and obtained:

- a Eutopia PhD co-tutelle grant for Jean-Paul Lawson for a 4-year research exploring digital mediation in museums of civilization(host university supervisor: Helen Wheatley, Film and Television Studies, SCAPVC, Warwick). I discuss the PhD genesis, objectives and the Eutopia programme in a 2022 article published in the French Ministry of Culture research journal;

- a 2-year emerging CY grant for the EXPER research project (14 researchers from CY, Lisbon and Warwick universities), involving an international conference and subsequent publication entitled “Experiences and Expertise of glocalized heritage: Imaginaries and appropriations of World heritage religious sites” (Paris, 1-2 June 2023). The call for papers will appear here by 15 June 2022 (deadline: October 15 2022). A presentation of the EXPER project for the wider public was published in 2022.

Three publications were directly facilitated by my Fernandes fellowships:

- a scientific article co-authored with Vishalakshi Roy (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, SCAPVC) exploring Universal Basic Income as a solution for cultural workers (Special Issue Economic Sustainability of Culture and Cultural Tourism, Journalof Risk and Financial Management, 2022);

- an article on UK Cities of Culture (the programme framework, Hull 2017 and Coventry 2021) for a culture professionals journal, L’Observatoire des Politiques culturelles (2022);

- I was also able to carry out documentary research and fieldwork for a monograph on Cultural policies in London since 2000 (forthcoming), which includes a chapter questioning the London 2012 Olympic games’ cultural and heritage legacies, in relation to the HERITRISK project I jointly coordinate at Cergy Paris Université with Geneviève Zembri-Mary.