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IAS Salon: metaverse, ethics, community values - 22nd July

VR Screening: experiencing misogyny in everyday life

This will take place in a series of short sessions before lunch. Timings will be made available closer to the date

Location to be confirmed (depending on numbers).

We will begin with a showing of a new VR experience created by Warwickshire Police and produced by Catherine. This uses the latest stereoscopic VR techniques, along with immersive design techniques developed by Catherine's company Limina, to draw the participant into an intimate conversation between a group of women concerning their very real and very personal experiences of misogyny in everyday life. This illustrates the positive potential of VR and the metaverse, and is especially relevant to Warwick's work on Community Values EducationLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window (members of that project will be with us).

A buffet lunch will be provided.

Research Discussion

This will be in the hour after lunch, 1-2pm.

In May 2022 the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) published its report Safeguarding the Metaverse.Link opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window This is not a moral panic. As the authors of the IET report discovered, psychological and even physical harm is already happening. It's not all bad. There are many good reasons for us to develop the Metaverse. And there may be ways we can ensure safe and positive experiences. Do we need legislation? New institutions and governance? Perhaps a new ethical framework? Or even a reconsideration of body, identity, and human rights appropriate to this new reality. There are many questions to be explored. And perhaps innovations in ethics and the law required to deal with these challenges. Catherine Allen (co-author of the IET report) and Robert O'Toole (Arts Faculty Director of Student Experience) will convene an interdisciplinary exploration, with technology demonstrations, and case studies. This event coincides with Catherine receiving an honorary doctorate.