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Africa Research Network

Newly established in 2019-20, this network aims to promote and raise the profile of research on or in Africa at Warwick. The network is founded on the recognition that, while there has been historically and is at present a good deal of excellent research on Africa going on at Warwick, it has often been scattered across departments, faculties, and disciplines. The network aims to be a hub for researchers with interests across the region, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative work.

In 2019-20, the network is led by Dr Nick Bernards (Global Sustainable Development, The network advisory board includes Prof. Pierre-Philippe Fraiture (SMLC), Prof. Franklyn Lisk (PAIS), Prof. Ann Stewart (Law), and Dr Sharifah Sekalala (Law). Research Assistance for the network is provided by Martha Gayoye (Law).

If you would like to join the network, please email