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Residential Fellowships

*COVID-19 Update*

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all visiting fellowships have been suspended. We will carry over any awards which have been affected by this and work with the Warwick host and visiting fellow to rearrange the visits as a soon as is possible.

No applications for Residential Fellowships will be accepted until further notice.

In recognition of the extensive global research partnerships fostered by Warwick academics, the IAS Residential Fellowships scheme offers the opportunity to bring collaborators to Warwick for a short, intensive stay specifically to deliver joint outputs. Applications are welcomed on a rolling deadline. Applicants are requested to read the Information for Award Holders while crafting their application.

Scheme Objectives

The Residential Fellowship programme aims to facilitate the delivery of collaborative research activity by providing the opportunity for external partners to be based at Warwick to work on a shared deliverable at the same time as supporting the continuation of the partnership. The activity can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Defining a new area of collaborative research
  • Writing a joint publication
  • Developing a monograph, chapter or book publication
  • Preparing a large funding application
  • Preparing material for a large conference, symposium or summer school led by Warwick
  • Delivering a public engagement event
  • Developing REF-impact


Nominations to host a Residential Fellow must be made by a permanent (including probationary) member of Warwick’s academic staff (Nominator), or holders of a major, externally funded Fellowship. The fellowship candidate cannot apply independently to the IAS – it is expected that the candidate will already be known to the Warwick nominator.

Members of research organisations and universities holding a post equivalent to an academic or postdoctoral appointment are eligible nominees, as are members of the arts community, policy makers and representatives from business and industry etc. Nominees may be based in any country, however, if they are already based in the UK, the added value of hosting them as a Residential Fellow must be stipulated in the application.


This scheme provides accommodation and a travel bursary only. The travel allowance is based on the country of origin of the Nominee as follows:

  • UK fellow - £100 contribution
  • Fellow travelling from Europe - £250 contribution
  • Fellow travelling from outside Europe - £550 contribution (from 16-17)

Fellows will be hosted at one of our self-catered residential facilities; Cryfield Grange or Cryfield Cottage 1. Prior to completing the travel arrangements, the host must check with the IAS to confirm accommodation is available for the duration of the visit. Taxi transportation between the Grange and Warwick campus is covered by the IAS. The IAS is only able to provide accommodation at Cryfield Grange or Cryfield Cottage 1 – alternative accommodation costs would need to be covered from other sources.

Please note: We currently have limited availability from now until mid-May, very little availability during June (with no availability 10-17 June) and limited availability in September 2020. Please contact the IAS for up-to-date availability.

Additional financial resources required to support the activities to be undertaken during the visit and/or the additional travel and subsistence costs are expected to be provided from other departmental/external sources including the Nominee themselves.

Review Criteria

  • Clarity and significance of stated objective(s)
  • Suitability of proposed activity/duration to achieve objective(s)
  • Track record of partnership / merit of emerging collaboration
  • Significance of proposed activity to contribute to Warwick’s national / international research profile
  • Added value of Nominee being located at Warwick / scope to strengthen research partnership
  • Evidence of ongoing development of research partnership


To significantly advance the specified research output, visits must be at least 3 days in duration. The maximum length of the visit should be agreed between the Nominator and Nominee and the scope of activity tailored accordingly. Visits are usually expected to last between 3-10 days however, in exceptional circumstances and with appropriate departmental support, visits of up to 10 weeks may be considered. In such circumstances, it is encouraged that additional financial assistance is secured from other sources to contribute towards living expenses for the Nominee. The value of the IAS award is limited to the accommodation and travel bursary allocation irrespective of the duration of the visit.

Awards can only be held within a single financial year (between 1st August – 31st July), check offer letter for confirmation of valid award period.

The travel bursary expenses must be recorded in the University accounts (SAP) by 31st July in the same academic year in which the award is valid. It will be the responsibility of the award holder to ensure that expenditure has been appropriately recorded. The Nominator’s department will be responsible for any over expenditure and/or late claims.

Application Procedure

Applications can be submitted at any time by completing the application form  and submitting it electronically through form below. You will need to log in with your ITS credentials in order to complete this form.

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The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University's Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. If you wish to submit a data subjects rights request, make a complaint or report a suspected personal data breach, please contact the University’s Data Protection Officer by email at

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