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Enterprise Education Event

This event was held on Thursday the 6th of February 2014 in the International Digital Laboratory (IDL), in the Lecture Theatre and on the mezzanine level, at the University of Warwick. It launched the new Enterprise Partnership at Warwick, which aims to help foster enterprise in students through advice, education and support.

Enterprise is a term often associated purely with the business world. Perhaps due to this myopic overuse there are misconceptions to the variety of sectors through which enterprise is interspersed. A recent paper by Jones et al focused on Enterprise Education, identifying four distinct modes (Jones, 2012). Building on this structuring of enterprise, and particularly its value within education, the Enterprise Partnership presented this event, intending to highlight Enterprise at Warwick University through three panels using practical experience to introduce key themes:

  1. Enterprise Education as a "Skill"
    With presenters from the Student Development Unit, Warwick Rowing Club and students who have used their enterprising skills to further projects whilst at Warwick.
  2. Enterprise Education through Business Start-ups
    Featuring alumni and current students that have launched successful businesses or projects, this panel took the form of focusing on case studies relevant to Warwick
  3. Enterprise Education as a Transformative Pedagogy
    Key speakers from Warwick's academic staff provided their experience and knowledge on the subject through a question and answer session. 
Enterprise at Warwick website, featuring introductory video