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Present at conferences

Disseminating your research is a crucial part of the research journey and presenting at a conference is one of the options for getting your research out to a wider audience and adding to the body of knowledge in your subject area. Presenting at an undergraduate research conference is a great starting place for developing skills for research dissemination. Developing a conference presentation will help you to think critically about your research and to refine and reframe your results for new audiences. There are a number of opportunities available at Warwick and in the wider research landscape for presenting your research.

WorldCUR - BCUR 2023

The University of Warwick was honoured to host jointly the World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) & the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) in April 2023.

We welcomed over 650 delegates to the University of Warwick and had institutional representation from 35+ countries worldwide to celebrate undergraduate research across all disciplines.

This was the first occasion when a national conference of undergraduate research had been brought together with the World Congress in a joint event. We were excited to provide this opportunity to share and network between communities, and that students from the UK and around the world were able to showcase their research at a single event.


The International Conference of Undergraduate Research was founded in 2012 and is sponsored by the Monash-Warwick Alliance. Each year, 100s of research-active undergraduates from Warwick and ICUR’s partner institutions around the world, present their research from their home institutions in video-linked sessions with students from other countries in the two-day event.

We are delighted to have welcomed more than 400 undergraduate researchers to the tenth International Conference of Undergraduate Research between 27th and 29th September 2022!

We would like to thank all of our extraordinary international speakers, staff, and audiences for making the event a truly student-directed and student-led success. Watch this space for more on the future of ICUR!

BCUR 2023 was held in person at the University of Warwick on 5th & 6th April 2023 in a joint celebration of UG research with WorldCUR.

Posters in Parliament 2023 will have University of Warwick representation at the Houses of parliament in May 2023.


The British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) is the largest annual conference in the UK dedicated exclusively to undergraduate research. BCUR also holds the annual Posters in Parliament for undergraduates.


The World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) brings together the world's best undergraduate researchers to focus on some of the most significant challenges facing the global community. Students across the world are invited to travel to this event, hosted by a new institution every 3-4 years, to share their research, discuss global issues, and create or strengthen international research partnerships.

Building on the success of the two previous World Congress on Undergraduate Research events, the 3rd World Congress on Undergraduate Research (WorldCUR) took place on campus at the University of Warwick on 3rd to 6th April 2023 in a joint event with BCUR 2023.